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COVID recovery safety first

Lions Gate Optometry & Optical ReOpening & Offering Appointments!

During the COVID-19 pandemic, the safety and well-being of our patients, staff and doctors is our first priority. Our team will continue to go above and beyond the expectations for optometry practices so that everyone who enters our practice will feel safe. We are sure that you are well aware of the concerns about COVID-19, and we would like you to know the steps we are taking. These measures include, but are not limited to:

Eye exams and eye care at Lions Gate Optometry & Optical

An Expectations Checklist—For All of Us

Eye exams and eye care at Lions Gate Optometry & Optical
Eye exams and eye care at Lions Gate Optometry & Optical

Clinic Protocols and Patient Guidelines – COVID -19

We have been working diligently to establish protocols to keep both our patients and staff safe during this time and for the foreseeable future. The following protocols and guidelines have been established to ensure the highest level of sanitation possible.

Clinic Hygiene and Sanitization Protocols

  • Seating in the reception room is setup for physical distancing
  • Office Staff will be wearing scrubs and masks (and gloves as needed)
  • Appointments are being staggered to allow for sanitation of the treatment rooms between each patient
  • All children toys and magazines have been put away
  • Please do not bring food or drinks into the clinic. Leave all non-essential items in your car.

Arrival at the Clinic

ONLY scheduled patients are permitted to enter the clinic. If you were driven to the clinic, please ask your family/friend to wait for you in the car. Please enter the clinic no earlier than 5 minutes prior to your scheduled appointment.

If you arrive late for your appointment, it may have to be re-scheduled as we must keep on time to ensure enough time for sanitation between patients and avoid overcrowding at the reception area.

Please wear a MASK before entering the clinic.

If you do not have a mask, we will be offering them for a nominal fee.

  • You will be asked some screening questions and other precautionary measures may take place.
  • Avoid touching Eye glasses and Furniture where possible.
  • Please do not bring food or drinks into the clinic space

Further Safety Precautions

Touchless Payment
Currently, we are only accepting Interac, Mastercard and Visa cards. If you have extended health insurance, Please inform our staff with all the details. We deal with Sun life, Great-West Life, Blue Cross and Manulife we will bill your insurance first and then charge your credit card the remaining balance.

Physical Distancing
Please be mindful to keep 2M distance if you run into other patients in the reception room. Stand on the floor decals. We are aiming to stagger appointment to avoid congregation in the waiting room.

Sanitation time between each treatment has been scheduled and we are using hospital-grade disinfectants to sanitize all high touchpoints, tables, light switches, door handles etc

Practitioner PPE
We will be wearing masks, and some will be wearing face shields, gloves, and scrubs.

Paying for your treatment

  • Interac/Visa/Mastercard are accepted at this time. NO CASH PAYMENTS ACCEPTED AT THIS TIME.
  • Payment is due on date of service.
  • We will bill your insurance companies and charge any remaining fee you can pay via Interac/Visa and Masterard.

Booking Appointments
Please email the clinic at or call at (604) 420-2115 for your future appointments.

24 Hours Prior to your scheduled appointment
24 hrs. prior to your appointment, you will receive your 24-hour reminder email. It will have a link to the THRIVE BC COVID- 19 Symptom Self-Assessment Tool. The link is: IF you answer YES to any of the questions, please call the clinic to reschedule your appointment no earlier than 2 weeks. This is extremely important for the safety and protection of our patients, therapist, and our families.

Upon arrival of your appointment, if we notice any flu-like symptoms or through conversation realize that you have possibly engaged with friends/family who may have been exposed to COVID- 19, we will respectfully ask you to reschedule the appointment.

Product Purchase
Our Staff will assist you in Choosing your Eye Wear, Please DO NOT HANDLE THE FRAMES FROM THE DISPLAY. Once you have made your Frame selection the remaining frames will be sanitized before being placed on the frame bars.

These protocols are in place to ensure the health and safety of you, your loved ones, our staff, our practitioners, and their families.

We thank you for your patience and understanding. We look forward to seeing you soon!

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