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Add Some Colour This Summer

Have you thought about trying coloured contacts? Well, there are plenty of colour contact lenses available to subtly intensify or radically alter your eye color. There are so many colored lenses available today, so you'll be sure to get just what works for you. It doesn't matter if your eyes are light or dark or something in between, colour contacts will alter your eye colour, leaving you with a brand new, beautiful and most importantly, natural look. Colour contacts come in monthly, 2 week or daily disposable alternatives.

When selecting a colour for your eyes, consider your natural pigmentation, and the type of look you want. If you want to check out a whole range of colour options and see for yourself how your new lenses will change your look, your optometrist can advise you when you try out all the colours that are available to you. You can even get a ''rainbow pack'' if you can't choose one colour.

It's also important to purchase contact lenses from a certified contact lens fitter only. This is because not all contact lenses fit everyone, even if they don't have a prescription. Even a lens without a prescription may chafe the eye and cause damage called a corneal abrasion, and in some cases it can lead to a corneal ulcer if the rubbing is bad enough. It's of vital importance that you keep in mind that contact lenses are actually medication. Be sure to stay away from colour contact lens suppliers stocking non-certified contacts that may be coloured with toxic dyes. Whether coloured contacts have a prescription to improve your vision or to enrich your natural colour, they still must be fitted and prescribed by your certified eye care professional. Be sure to visit us to discover your colour contact lens options.